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Join me at the Psilocybin Summit

On Sept 20, 2020 at 4:15, please join me at the Psilocybin Summit 2020, as I present a talk titled "Sound as the Fifth Element: Using Live Sound During Plant Medicine Sessions".

The presentation teaches practical methods to use personally, or with others during plant medicine experiences. Introducing some simple yet highly effective instruments that anyone can use, the presentation will also teach methods to use in couples work, opening and closing methods, and discuss using sound to open various portals during a ceremony. You do not need to be a musician, anyone who can exhale can make use of these methods. Everything in nature is composed of 3 elements: Water, Earth, and Air. The 4th element of Fire is energy that is hidden inside these 3 elements, and becomes visible when it is activated, sometimes in the form of electrical energy such as lightning (fire hidden in water). The 5th element is sound. Anything that is alive is something that vibrates and therefore has sound. The river, the fire, the electrons circulating around an atom... all express this vibration.

As humans we are containers of many sounds, many vibrations. Sometimes we are out of alignment, out of tune. And sometimes we need to resonate- to align with another vibration to grow and expand. When we meditate inside a container of a sound, our energy fields align with the sound and the sound becomes a seed. A seed that blooms into the growth we seek.

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